Christmas research task

We began the project 'building blocks' by exploring typography. We were given several technical words used in typography and we had to explain them through a drawing. I enjoyed this and found it very helpful as I had never heard of most of these words, so it made me look at typography in a different way. It also broke down the different elements of a type-phase I would have to consider, when I go on to create my own type-phase.

For the next part of the project we were set a task to create and experiment with different type-phases only using electrical tape. I really enjoyed using this material and the restrictions allowed me to explore and use the beauty of the tape fully, I did not manipulate it to make it into something that did not resemble tape. I also experimented with other fonts, creating one entirely made out of shapes, or one just using the negative space. As I enjoyed the restrictment of the tape very much, I decided to restrict myself again when creating another font. After looking at various different fonts, I found many had a block form, I thought it would be interesting to take this further by restricting myself to rectangular blocks cut out of card I then used a whole puncher to create the holes.

When I created my type-phase (as seen right) I felt that it reminded me much of the Godfather logo with the puppet strings, with the block forms and sharp angles. I also found that I was inspired by Russian Constructivists, like the poster below, I liked the bold colours red black and white, and the block harsh lines and angles.

I chose the type-phase I felt was most successful, and I developed it into my final type-phase. Then I created these posters. My original intention for the posters was to create three, one showing alphabet in black (as seen below) with the last letter linking it to the next poster, which would of been red and then the final poster in black and red (as seen at the bottom) however because of time I could only create two posters, but the 'blade' poster indicated my intentions.


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