24th November



We began the task by looking at instructions and deciding how useful they were, looking at the text and the pictures. In the next task, I had brought in 10 pencils, we had to order/catogarise our 10 objects in some way, then present this order on a piece of paper. We then had to chose a "how to.." and create a poster of instructions on how to do this. I chose 'how to be happy'. We were all given a large poster and only an hour to create our piece. I chose to not put any text on mine, because I found the instructions we looked at earlier, with the least writing, were the most effective and visually pleasing. I created a series of simple illustrations, each something that made you happy, eg, rolling down a hill, eating cake, staying in pyjamas all day, listening to music out loud. I chose I thick pen, and simplified drawings, because of the limited time.

For the next part of the project we had to take one of the 'How to..' and create a final piece/set of instructions for this. I continued with 'how to be happy' and I made a advertisement poster aimed for the general public, teaching them how to be happy in several easy steps. For the style I was inspired by vintage posters.

some feedback that I got for the above piece, was that it was intriguing, the more abstract approach I took meant that most people didn't understand what it was. I was also told that I could of used the space of the poster more interestingly.

BELOW: After the project was over, I looked at other objects that were all the same but also different, and I thought these penguin books would of been a good collection of objects to use.

This was one of the other student work that I really liked, the actual piece had writing at the top saying 'how to start a war', however I thought the image was so strong that this retracted something from it,

Overall, I'm very happy with this piece, I like the colours, although originally I was only going to use black and white, I added orange because I thought it added another dimension to the drawing, and it makes it visually more appealing, for the public, also making the images stronger. The vintage poster on the left inspired me to use the orange. some criticism I received for this poster, was that I had to much writing, that detracted from the images.


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