How to be Happy

I looked at vintage posters as my main snspiration for this project, I think many vintage posters are beautiful, they rely on the simplicity on colours and beautiful illustrations, which was what I wanted to achieve in my final piece. While many other people in my class wanted to create a more modern, professional looking poster.

I was very inspired by the theme of orange black and white and used these colours on my own poster my own poster.

In terms of my concept and ideas, I took inspiration from baby recording journals, that parents would use to take note of their baby's progress, like first word etc. The idea for my postcards, was similar, parents or family & friends of the baby's would use them to celebrate or remember the key moments in the early stages of life.

When we had to start refining our final type-phase the one I thought was most successful was the one on the far right 'blade'. For it I was inspired by the angular sharp lines of the 'Godfather' poster puppet strings, and the angular lines of the type by Karl Nawrot.

However after a second visit to the exhibit, I found myself more interested with the theme of scandal & gossip. Below shows a piece by Rego from the exhibition, it depicts a young girl who has been forced into marriage with an older man, shown as a pig. One to the right, is by Daumier and shows a similar situation, an old man excited and happy, with his young new bride in his bed.

40 hours

Richard Long - line made by walking

I was very influenced by Richard Long, for this project.  The idea of him walking up and down in a straight line, then the final image, being a record of his journey, but no actual proof of him making the journey.

Made  to  Persuade

For 'MADE TO PERSUADE' I took inspiration from a number of artist, Grayson Perry, Le gun, Akatre studio, and Biba book illustrations.

Building Blocks

When i first went round the exhibition, the thing that most interested me was the theme of nursery rhymes and childhood. I initially wanted to create a Zine that explored memory and childhood, and the idea of after childhood, life only gets worse.

The most interesting thing I found was the fact that people have always been fascinated by scandal and gossip, the exhibition proves so, as Daumier's often published his works in newspapers. The modern equivalent may be one of the cheap magazines found in most shops, advertising scandalous stories, and gossip, particularly from celebrities.

I thought about the was in which I could record and show my journey, that would provide a still and silent reflection of my 40 hours.

Sam Taylor-Wood, rotting fruit, (right)

I liked the idea of creating something, and then during the 40 hours, letting it be destroyed. Either by natural decomposition, weathering, or by me or others destroying it. However in the end I went with other ideas.


Hiroshi Sugimoto Theatres (left)

When I thought of my final idea of doing self-portraits, ever 2 hours, wherever i was, with whatever tools i had on hand, I was inspired by Dryden Goodwin's linear portraits of tube workers (below).

I mainly took inspiration from the poster on the far left, Whereas I should of been more experimental in my poster design, taking more inspiration from the one below, particularly colour and layout. YELLOW = HAPPY

I also took inspiration from Airplane health & safety instruction brochures, for their simple layout and strong image based approach to instructions. I layed out my poster similarly, methodically

When we began this project with the electrical wire task, i found i was subconsciously attracted to the Russian constructivists style, buying red, black and white tape . I began the task by exploring ways i could use the restrictiveness of the tape. Initially i was inspired by Joseph Albers.

When creating my Zine, I was particularly inspired by the unique fanzine style, the, bits of cut-outs, strong graphic images, and illustrations, the bold text, and punk rock style and the overall 'hand-made' look. I tried to use theme themes in my Zine.

Droog Design's Do Hit Chair

This inspired me with the idea of creating an object then over time destroying it, so the beginning piece is completely different to the final piece. I also like the idea of destroying it in such a violent way, so the final piece would look so much less 'final' and like an artwork than the beginning piece.


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