Reflective journal

Week 5

6th October

This week is our 3rd rotation and we are doing Fine Art. We began the day by looking at a presentation on the project that we will be working on, we looked at the Martian Museum of Terrestrial Art 2008 exhibition, which looked at what defines human beings. We were encouraged to think about if we had to create something that defined what a human being was and what it means to be human, as if we had to give it to a Martian. Todays task was to take in an object from home, that had no obvious function, i found a series of objects from my dad's tool shed. Firstly we drew the object, then we had to design something incorporating the object. Either drawing it, or using the object itself and re-creating it. I found my object reminded me of a gas-mask, this is what inspired me and my final design. My final design was the object with parts attached that allowed it to be worn on the face, either the mouth or the eye. I enjoyed working this project, and though it was really interesting to look at objects that have no obvious function, then developing the designs, into something else. However i was initially very stuck as to what my final piece was going to be as i felt the task wasn't very clearly explained, which made me feel frustrated when i wanted to make something. Had i understood the task better, as i do now, perhaps i would of made something more experimental using a wider range of materials.



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